• Hackers Take Over Clinton’s Campaign Chairman’s Twitter Accounts

    Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s Twitter account was hacked late on Wednesday following a series of other alleged attacks against his other online accounts.

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    At approximately 7:55 p.m a Tweet appeared on John Podesta’s account stating, “I’ve switched teams.Vote Trump 2016.Hi pol,” and was taken down shortly afterwards.

    Interestingly, the tweet’s reference to “pol,” might be a reference to the “politically incorrect” board on the 4chan website. This indicates that the breach may be connected to the discovery of Podesta’s Apple ID and password in the recent WikiLeaks email publication.

    Several screen captures from  Twitter allege to show back-end access to Podesta’s Apple account. They also claim to show his iPhone being remotely wiped. Other tweets claim Podesta’s personal emails from a Microsoft Outlook account have been passed on to WikiLeaks as well.

    Clinton spokesman Nick Merril came out to confirm the hack, stating those close to Podesta were “working on fixing it.”

    This latest breach follows WikiLeaks’ 5th release of Podesta’s work emails. The FBI said Wednesday that it suspected Russian intelligence agencies were responsible for the email hack.

    Things just seem to keep on getting worse and worse for both the Trump and Clinton campaigns. Hilary’s track record to date for protecting her private information has been borderline negligent – which makes me question where’s she’s even fit to drive cyber security policy for the United States as President.

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